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Alpha Portal is comprised of four main systems. Our features are designed to work with each other, and be intuitive on desktop and mobile. Want something new? Every member of your organization can submit ideas for new Alpha Portal features.



Assign members to customizable groups to stay organized. Easily require each member of a group to be present for an event, or automatically issue an invoice, email, or point adjustment depending on attendance and group status.


New member tracking allows for each member of your organization to submit contact information of potential new members. Assign to-do items, write comments, and rank new members. If they do join your organization, giving them Portal access is easy.


Keeping members informed is essential, but even with the most well-crafted messages, members still seem to forget. Instead of members contacting you for information, they can see it all on the Portal. Easily post announcements and send mass email and text messages. Set up automated event and payment reminders.


Quickly access the contact information for any member, and allow members to contact each other. Celebrate birthdays automatically, upload member headshots, and track member GPAs, study hours, volunteer hours, and more.



Members can be issued bills with customizable due dates, late fees, early payment discounts, and more. Accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. When an invoice is paid, the payment method is securely stored to easily pay the next invoice.


When members make purchases on behalf of the organization, keeping track of receipts and reimbursed funds is easy. Allow members to submit reimbursements, snap a picture of the receipt, and identify why, when, and where the purchase was made. Approve or deny reimbursements, issue account credit, and keep track of all expenses.


Keep track of budgets and prevent overspending by automatically balancing all member payments, reimbursements, and expenses. Allow members to view the organization's budgets from a high level, and perform basic accounting functions.


Members shouldn't have to contact your treasurer for information about when, why, or how much they paid. Easily view all invoices assigned, and see the full or partial payment amount and method. If a member has questions or issues with past or future payments, Alpha Portal staff are available to help.



Create events for your organization and allow members to see all event details, and any penalties or rewards for attendance. Automatically send event reminders, require that photos of the event be uploaded, and attach minutes to meetings.


Keep track of who attends which events, and require events for a particular group or member. Take attendance in multiple ways: a traditional list, a self-check-in option for members, or a magnetic card swipe. Add automatic penalties or rewards depending on attendance. Assign excused absences before or after an event.


Having trouble engaging your members or incentivizing event attendance? Issue points based on attendance to particular events, GPA, study hours, service hours, paying invoices on time, or ad-hoc. Members can view a points leaderboard, and you can offer prizes or other incentives.


Having a public event or selling an item? Allow members to purchase these items, or list it on your organization's website. Selling tickets or requiring a RSVP? Allow members or outside guests to register for events, and collect money from ticket sales.


Powerful Forms

Tasks are forms you can build, which are extremely customizable. Set a due date for the form to be submitted, and add a penalty for not completing the form on time. Penalties include fines and point deductions.

File Upload

Collect important documents of any type from your members. Track who uploaded and when they did, along with other questions or options you add.

Advanced Fields

Capture a digital e-Signature from your members, require them to agree to statements, and you can create penalties or rewards for each option of each task.


Information on forms can be viewed at any time and can be integrated with other systems in the Portal. See a high-level view of all your task data.


Accounts & Members

Every member of your organization can be provided an account, which grants access to Alpha Portal. "Members" are created when potential new members are added in the recruitment tracker, or an alumni's contact info is added. "Accounts" are only created when you want them to have access. There are no limits on accounts or members.


Member data is uniquely and securely stored from the first day that person is in your horizon, and available even after they leave your organization. This includes payment history, signed contracts, headshots, etc. Permissions to access parts of Alpha Portal can be assigned individually, per group, or per officer.


Every piece of information, in transit and at rest, is processed using industry-standard encryption and security. We never see full credit card or bank account numbers. Sensitive information like social security numbers are not visible to organization leadership unless explicitly needed. All access to your account by Alpha Portal staff is logged and monitored.


Alpha Portal has the ability to become the go-to place for information in your organization. Keep it updated and stop worrying about members asking you for information on events, other members, payments, GPA history, study/service hours, etc.

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