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We believe it's important to trust (and like!) the company you're getting software from. Alpha Portal strives to be honest, fair, and enjoyable to work with for all of our customers.

We're a small company with a big goal

Many large companies are great at delivering quality software. However, they all seem to lack a personal touch. Our goal is to provide best software and the best customer service: for your organization's leadership and members alike.

Low overhead, low costs

By making our software in-house using a small experienced and efficient team, we can directly compete with large portal products while keeping our prices low.

Current version: beta 2.3.1
We have been working on Alpha Portal for almost 3 years! Many members of our team have experience in running or being part of an organization – student groups, fraternities, sororities, athletic clubs, and more. We made a more simple, modern, and affordable option available to the average organization. And trust us, we've seen some terrible organization management systems.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Alpha Portal?

Alpha Portal is a web-based organization management system. All members can access an organization-wide portal interface, to view other members and contact them, pay their bills or dues, view events and see their attendance history, submit information to leadership, and more. It performs many helpful automated functions, like issuing late fees on an unpaid invoice, sending mass text and email notifications, and keeping track of potential new members.

How much does Alpha Portal cost?

We are more affordable than almost all of the comparable organization management systems we have seen on the market. We have two tiers of our software, to keep things simple: Basic and Advanced. We don't charge anything extra for – or limit in any way – the number of members. Per organization, the Basic tier is $20/month, and the Advanced tier is $40/month (prices in USD.) We are currently offering a discount from these prices for those who sign up during the first few months of our public release, which is available right now.

What features are included in Alpha Portal?

Alpha Portal takes care of most small-to-medium organizational operations. However, our portal does not have advanced accounting software, built-in tax reporting, or complex inherited permission/group assignments. Please visit our features page to learn about the features included with Alpha Portal, and check out the pricing page to see how much each tier costs, and the differences between them.

How does the sign-up process work?

We want each installation to be tailored to your organization. Each is unique, and we adjust some basic parameters for each organization. Because of this, and the time it can take to import and set up the portal, the onboarding process may take several weeks. When you sign up, you'll verify your email and send us some important information about you, your organization, and your goals. We assign a dedicated support representative. You can contact them for everything: questions, bug reports, billing issues, account setup, and more. We won't charge you until things are up and running.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We want to be perfect for every organization, but if our software doesn't work for yours, we would be happy to discuss refunds. But, if there's a specific feature that we could add to make you stay, let us know before you cancel!

How secure and private is Alpha Portal?

We understand that privacy and security is extremely important to every organization – including us. From day one, we built Alpha Portal on the latest cryptographic methods. Sensitive data is salted and hashed using SHA-256 while in transit and at rest. No one, except the payment processor Stripe , sees your credit card or bank account numbers. Each organization receives an isolated database that prevents any overlap between our customers. Alpha Portal staff only view your information if necessary to assist you or your account with us, and all data access is logged. Only your designated support representative and the Alpha Portal lead administrator can see or manipulate your data on individual payments or members.

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